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M3 Family Medicine Clerkship

The Family Medicine Core Clerkship is a 4‑week rotation in which students work one-on-one in the outpatient setting with community family physicians.

Our clinical preceptors are committed to teaching future physicians. We also have weekly didactic sessions where the faculty teach key topics.

Objectives of the clerkship are:

  • 1. Obtain a focused history and physical examination appropriate to the patient's presenting complaint while considering common outpatient clinical problems confronted by family physicians.
  • 2. Generate differential diagnoses for patient's problems, with special consideration of the common and complex disorders that present in a family medicine setting.
  • 3. Present diagnoses and treatment plans using best evidence and understanding of pathophysiology while taking psychosocial factors into consideration.
  • 4. Write an accurate and concise note conveying only the most relevant points of the patient's medical history, presenting complaint, physical exam, assessment and plan.
  • 5. Recognize and apply health promotion and prevention counseling services at every possible clinical opportunity.
  • 6. Communicate appropriately with and listen to patients with compassion and empathy while applying the concepts of motivational interviewing and shared decision making when appropriate and confirming patient understanding.
  • 7. Triage acute care visits in the family medicine ambulatory care setting to outpatient follow up vs emergency/urgent care of 911 while taking into consideration health care system resources.
  • 8. Conduct professional relationships with patients, staff and colleague with the highest moral and ethical standards and understand the ole of each member of the healthcare team.
  • 9. Actively seek feedback about your clinical performance and practice while taking into account any professional limitations.
  • 10. Describe and experience the roles of family physicians in the office and community. Describe the central role of primary care in the health of the public.
  • 11. Recognize the value of self-care, resilience and the joy in medicine.

Contact Information

Sonia Oyola MD
Clerkship Director
Room 156; (773) 702-5509
Shewanna Wackman
Medical Education Coordinator, UofC
Room M-156; (773) 834-6852
Damaris Chaparro
Medical Education Coordinator, Northshore
(847) 657-1884

Helpful Links

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Course Readings

M3 Clerkship Handbook
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