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The goal of the Univeristy of Chicago/NorthShore PCSM Fellowship is to offer each of our fellows an individualized educational plan. We realize that each fellow comes with unique experiences and interests and we work with you to develop an experience to fit your educational needs. Being a newer program affords us the ability to adjust and tailor programming as new opportunities become available.

Below is a sample of what a monthly block will look like. Certain experiences are longitudinal in nature, while others are only for a month's time.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Primary Care Clinic
Orthopedics U of C Clinics
Selectives Orthopedics Game Coverage and/or Injury Clinic
High School Training Room
Sports Clinic
U of C Training Room
Sports Clinic
Didactics/MSK Ultrasound Workshops and Osteopathic Manipulation/Game Coverage

Ortho Specials-Hand, Foot, Spine
Sports Nutrition
Rehab Medicine & Physical Therapy
Sports Psychology
Faculty Development
MSK Radiology
Sports Performance
Pediatric Orthopedics
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