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Current Projects

Religious hospitals and the doctor-patient relationship

Debra Stulberg, MD, MAPP

In collaboration with the University of Chicago's Program on Medicine & Religion, these studies survey and interview family physicians, general internists, and obstetrician-gynecologists to explore their experiences working at religiously-affiliated hospitals or practices. These are among the first empiric studies of physician ethical and professional conflicts around religious patient-care policies.
Funding: Greenwall Foundation.

Reproductive health outcomes and disparities

Debra Stulberg, MD, MAPP

Using hospital discharge and insurance data, this group of studies evaluates the association between race, socioeconomic status and health system factors on the incidence and outcomes of pregnancy complications. Special focus is on the effect of insurance status on processes and outcomes of care in ectopic pregnancy. Funding: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; Chicago Center of Excellence for Health Promotions Economics.

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