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PURLs: Priority Updates from the Research Literature

Every month, thousands of primary research articles are published that may be relevant to the practicing family physician. PURLs (Priority Updates from the Research Literature) are those that should change practice and can be implemented immediately by family physicians. The PURLs surveillance system, to identify and disseminate these practicing-changing research studies, was developed as an objective of the University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine, in partnership with the Family Physician Inquiry Network and the Journal of Family Practice.

In order to be a PURL, a research article must first be nominated by a group of family physicians who actively survey the primary clinical research literature; the article must then be reviewed and determined to be relevant to family medicine, scientifically valid, applicable in a medical care setting, immediately implementable, and to lead to a change in current practice.

Department of Family Medicine physicians are active participants as PURL nominators, reviewers, authors, and editors.

Link: PURLs website at the Journal of Family Practice

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