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Current Residents


Anushree Bhosale, MD

I chose this program because everyone I met on interview day seemed so nice and happy. In addition, I loved the location and the opportunity to work with students.

I'm new to Chicago and am excited to explore it. In my free time I enjoy playing with my dog, exploring new places, and trying new things.

Keyur Desai, MD

I was very interested in the University of Chicago - NorthShore program because of the chance to work in a community hospital while having access to the strong academic resources of the University of Chicago. I fell in love with the genuine conversations and excited people - faculty, staff, and resident. Being from Minneapolis, the move to Chicago has been especially exciting because of the great food and cultural diversity, in the program, our patient population, and also the greater Chicago area. I like to spend time with my wife, explore the city and beaches of Chicago and Evanston, hike, drink wine, work on my photography skills, and exercise. The program has helped me in all these pursuits because of the diverse patient population, and faculty who specialize in specific areas.

Ryan Gorji, MD

Family Medicine has been a great avenue to pursue my passion for continuity of care and building long-term relationships with my patients. Through building relationships and trust with patients, I am able to help them with their health problems.

Seeking an environment wherein I can grow my skills and fit in educational culture were some key factors in my decision making.

Choosing University of Chicago was a natural process for me. I fell in love with dynamics of our program from the beginning and sense of family among us all is evident. Residents are well-integrated in leadership roles and there are opportunities to pursue any interests through our tracks.

Andrew Jaeger, MD

I chose this program because of the learning environment created by the faculty and the integration in the community. I am interested in suburban community medicine. Being involved in the community I serve in is important to me.

My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, camping, hiking, mountains, exercise, sports, current events, and eating pizza. My favorite thing about Chicago is the pizza.

Jessica Kass, MD

When looking for family medicine programs, the aspects of the program that were most important to me were the people and the opportunities. University of Chicago at Northshore provided me with the best of both. The faculty and residents foster an environment ideal for learning and growing. Questions are always welcome and support is always available. In addition, everyone is treated like family. Even before my official start date in June, my class was welcomed with opportunities to join the summer Softball League. The amazing thing about this program besides the people themselves is that the program allows each resident to pursue their own interest within family medicine. The programs only objective appears to be to make each of us residents the best family doctors that we may be.

Krish Miglani, MD

I wanted to join this program not only because of its strong academic pedigree, but also because it was very important to me to train in an environment that shared my appreciation for community within medicine. Although many programs are able to demonstrate their value within the patient populations they serve, I feel that this program is unique because it also carries this strong sense of community internally among its faculty, residents, and staff.

I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago so I have been fortunate enough to experience so many different amazing things that the city and surrounding neighborhoods have to offer. However, if I had to narrow it down to one thing in particular -- I can say with certainty that the Chicago Bulls have been my favorite thing about this city for about as long as I can remember.


Sarada Abraham, MD

There were so many things that drew me to the University of Chicago Family Medicine program, it's difficulty to narrow it down to just one reason. The tracks suited my diverse interests, including women's health, underserved medicine, and integrative medicine. Through the LUCENT (leadership for urban primary care education and transformation) program, I would have the ability to work with an urban underserved clinic population on the south side of Chicago as well as the suburban Medicaid population of the primary clinic. The program seemed to place a strong emphasis on academic excellence, yet genuinely prioritize resident wellness. It didn't hurt that it was located in my home town either! I look forward to the varied experiences and opportunities I will undoubtedly come across throughout my training here.

Tamera Akarah, MD

I chose family medicine because I loved the idea of taking care of families as a whole. I enjoy talking with people and I believe knowing and understanding your patients provides better care. I specifically chose this program because I felt this was where I could excel and develop into the type of physician I imagined. The UofC program provides so many great opportunities and the ability to work with amazing attendings that are willing to teach and help you succeed. I also love living in Chicago! In my free time, I try to explore the city with family and friends.

Nicole Bogdanovich, MD

What I like about this program is the supportive and collegial atmosphere, as well as the ability to tailor my training and electives to meet my interests. I am interested in faculty development and adolescent medicine with a focus on behavioral health and LGBTQ youth. My advisor has found electives for me in these areas that I plan to pursue over the next two years.

Damian Hanekom, MD

I chose this program because they made it known from my interview day that they would give me the opportunities and resources to become the type of physician I want to become. They place physician wellness and mentorship at the very top of their priorities. There's never a dull moment! Chicago is a thriving city with new restaurants and attractions opening every day! It is uniquely situated on the shores of Lake Michigan with many beautiful beaches, and for hose who like to travel, O'Hare and Midway airports provide direct flights to just about anywhere. My interests in Family Medicine include non-traditional practice models (such as Direct Primary Care), and Integrative Medicine. IM is an exciting field of medicine that focuses on the relationship between physician and patient, and focuses on the whole individual, utilizing all evidence based medicines and resources for healthier living and healing.

Kristina Sharma, MD

I chose this program because I had the opportunity to be a part of an academic institution - UofC that is reputable and a healthcare organization Northshore with people who are amazing to work with and serve a suburban underserved population where I want to work in the future. I also love the diversity of Chicago has to offer from food to people to the variety of festivals and events.

Peter Zhao, MD

From core faculty members to residents, the people that make up this program have provided me with tremendous support during my transition from Emergency Medicine to Family Medicine. I was also impressed by the different tracks available to explore the every-developing field of family medicine. My wife and I have also enjoyed our visits to Chicago so we jumped at the opportunity to live and train in the area.We look forward to showing our two young boys all that the city and the region have to offer.


Katie Longo, MD

I chose this program because of the residents. There are a lot of great programs out there, it was my mission to find a great program with great residents who I would like to call my friends. I did.

Meera Sharma, MD

What I like most about the program is how supportive and close knit everyone is from the administrative leaders to the core faculty and residents. The family medicine program has created an educational environment that has allowed me to grow as a resident, promoted my personal growth, and has given me the satisfaction I was hoping for.

Sarah Stombaugh, MD

My favorite thing about Chicago is there is always something going on in the city. There's always a sports team playing, a new restaurant to try, or a show to see. I moved from Nebraska and was surprised by how easily I adapted to city living.

Anne Viollt, MD

After spending time rotating on our family medicine inpatient service as a medical student, I knew that this program was the perfect fit for me. I really enjoyed getting to know the residents and felt they were a group of individual that I would be lucky to spend time with both during and outside of work. I was also very impressed by the faculty. Their diverse backgrounds and varied interests along with their clear dedication to teaching is a real strength. Finally, this program offers a very unique opportunity to work in a community hospital while still maintaining the academic rigor and endless learning experiences offered by a major academic institution.

William Ward, MD

My favorite thing about this program is the flexibility. I love that the program is flexible enough to allow you to pursue any interest you might have. I plan on being in the sports medicine track. I expect to use my invaluable sports medicine elective experiences to prepare me for a sports medicine fellowship after I graduate.

Henri Zhuri, MD

I am interested in full scope medicine. This program is great because I get exposed to medicine across the spectrum of patient populations. A particular interest of mine is underserved medicine. Through the University of Chicago, I have had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership for Urban Primary Care Education and Transformation (LUCENT) program. One of the aspects of this program that I am most looking forward to is regularly scheduled clinic time at an underserved clinic on the southside of Chicago.

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